Tuesday, 17 April 2007


I have google analytics thank you Mary p, weird isn't it, someone in Rome, Singapore, Edinburgh and 3 in the USA, Richmond, Toledo and Omaha! If that's you and you are lurking, peep out and say hello! The funny thing was, I've had analytics going for a few days and the only person it was picking up on was me!

Ok, complete change of subject but a sign I may need to adjust the prescription on my contact lenses! It was very warm yesterday so I thought I would treat myself to an ice cream, bought one of those minty chocolate magnum things, more expensive than a 2 litre tub of ice cream but what the heck! Anyway, as I'm walking along enjoying it, I spot a drop of chocolate that has dripped onto my hand, don't want to waste it I think and stick my tongue out to lick it off, as I'm just about to slurp it I realise its a ladybird, I'm so shocked that I nearly ate it that I forget to put my tongue back in my mouth, I start to shake my hand to get rid of the ladybird and lose half the ice cream off the stick, if anyone saw me they would think I had lost the plot...!

I then have a dentist appointment for Dumpling and I, I go first, smiling and making happy noises even though I know those horrible latex gloves will leave my lips numb for hours (mild allergy) Dumpling is still a little unsure, but will happily attend if lots of smiles and stickers are handed out. Anyway as I'm lying there pretending it tickles as he scrapes something from between my tooth and tells me I should floss more, Dumpling starts going through my bag, he only wants his toy train but he's is getting everything else out to find it, I'm thanking my lucky stars that there are no tampons, condoms anything like that in there but what does he find...? The ice cream wrapper from a few hours ago, how bad does it look in the dentist that I have chocolate ice cream wrappers just spilling from my hand bag!


MaryP said...

The picture of you with your tongue out, throwing half your ice-cream to the ground gave me my first laugh of the morning. Thanks!

Terroni said...

I got a visitor from Suqiao (China, I think) today! I love Analytics! I left instructions for you on how to start, but they were in the comments on my site. I'm really sorry if you didn't see those, and I'm glad you found someone to help.

Anyway, it's tons of fun, huh? I'm kinda obsessed with it. I like to have a visitor from a place I've never heard of before every day. :>

Maria said...

I am supposed to go to the dentist every 6 months, but I just made my appointent and they reminded me that it has been over a year. See? They scold you even before you get there.

And um...the lurker from Omaha would be me, honey child! Well, unless there is someone else lurking.

I get a lot of hits from New Zealand and I have yet to know why.

Bahrageous said...

Pssst....I'm the lurker from Richmond. Boo!

Bahrageous said...

Per your comment today on my blog:

I'm just figuring it out myself, jenny. I didn't know it existed until I read here! :-)

In the left margin/bar/whatever, click on 'Marketing Summary'. That will show you your top 5 sources, keyword searches, and campaigns(wha?).

I'm addicted and you're my enabler. Thanks!!! ;-D


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