Monday, 23 April 2007

Monday Morning

Our nice weather has ended, the sky is that kind of grey brightness that gives me a headache from squinting and I woke up with the muscles between my shoulder blades in spasm, it doesn't stop me doing anything as it doesn't affect the movement of my head or arms but it really hurts! So I've done the ironing and mopped the floors, they were so dirty after the nice weather yesterday had the kids traipsing in and out all day, passing the sandpit and the chalks each time. The water I poured away was incredible! Although if you want dirty water satisfaction, use one of those carpet cleaners you can get these days, my mum has one and its incredible the sludge you pour away from what looks like a relatively clean carpet! Kind of bored today, plenty of things I could do, none I want to. Lolly woke with a hormonal migraine in the night and is off school today, an alarm of some sort went off twice in the street over night, Lolly and Dumpling slept through it but it woke me with annoyance, so tired today, plus we get lots of bird song here at dawn, most of it soft and beautiful but one bird just squawked and squawked, I lay there dreaming how satisfying it would be to shoot it!

Dumpling asked if we could do some baking this evening, I bought some chiiled cookie dough, havnt used this before, I was going to say how difficult could it be but you should have seen what happened to the last set of cup cakes we made! They were rock hard and we couldnt get the paper cases off, I blamed the manufacturers and emailed them, they were very good about it and posted me a new box but I think it was my cooking...! I never have been great at cooking, my kids dont starve and we eat a variety of foods and lots of fruit and veg but I dont have a signature dish, whats your favourite recipe that I could make?


Maria said...

Uh...I make a really mean dish of froot loops.

I also can do a grilled cheese in a pinch.

I heat up leftovers from restaurants nicely....

MaryP said...

"Signature dish", huh? Ummm...

My kids like my chicken pot pie, which can be made the dead easy way or the fiddly-er way, and they like them both.

But it's very basic, unfancy fare, not something I'd serve to company or take to a friend's home to share!


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