Monday, 16 April 2007

Couldnt decide what to write about, still waiting for the hangover from friday to finally wear off, actually no, its more the embarrasment I think needs to wear off, do not let me near a free bar, a kareoke machine and my friends boyfriends twin brother...ahem, lets leave that there for now shall we?

Went to the beach yesterday, very busy, but eased off late afternoon, am worried about Lolly, the body issues are kicking in already, not that she has anything to worry about but we had hormonal tears yesterday as she 'didnt like the shape of her eyes'! Part of me is sypathetic as a woman who is bombarded with images of perfection and has had to learn to accept what you get but another part of me feels cross that she should be grateful for the beautiful fully functioning body I gave her! I realised recently that she hasnt been swimming for a few months, turns out she doesnt want to be seen in a bikini or swimming costume, now personally I dont want every teenage boy at the pool learing at her figure, but she shouldnt feel like this at nearly 13, she kept her shorts and strappy top on at the beach yesterday, and wouldnt do much apart from lay on her towel, I'm frustrated that she feels like this so young and its affecting her so life, but I dont know what to say to her, I tell her how beautiful she is but she just bursts into tears. I really wasnt ready for all this so early.

Dumpling is good, fell asleep wrapped in a towel after he got out of the shower after the beach, lifted him straight into bed! Bless him, considering what a dreadful toddler he was, he is so easy now, very funny and afectionate. He wandered around for 10 mins after getting out of bed this morning, watching me rush around finding his school uniform, lunch box and book bag, before looking at me wide eyed "Is it a school day today?" little behind on the uptake on this early morning!

Right a have so much housework to catch up on, I let it slip during the Easter break, didnt seem much point as the kids were undoing it as I went along, just think if I vacuum now, it will stay that way till after 3pm!

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Maria said...

Boy howdy...I hate knowing that girls have to deal with those body issues. Liv is seven and she is already worried that certain outfits aren't becoming.

This is the same child who slid into whatever I laid out on her bed in kindergarten and first grade. Now, she primps in front of the mirror. It gives me the shudders, it really does.


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