Friday, 27 April 2007

I've reading Mary p's old posts looking for something else to link to but got lost in re-reading them all...but found this one reminded me so much of a little boy I used to care for who adored Thomas the tank engine but couldnt quite pronounce one of the characters, came out as 'fa-king-troller', wasnt too bad till we we took him to a thomas open day with an actor dressed as the fat controller and he shouted his particular pronounciation so, so loudly...

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MaryP said...

Bwah-ha. Then there was my young cousin, who firmly declared "WHORE" whenever he thought he was saying "squirrel". Don't ask me how he got from one to the other...

(Oh, and the link doesn't work. You have a couple extra keystrokes in there - it takes you to a blank page. Very strange. I'm sure I've published no blank pages...)


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