Friday, 13 July 2007

chocolate sinner

I bought chocolates for Dumplings last day of term to give to his teacher and her assistant. But thats a week today. And I can go shopping again on Tuesday. Guess whats going to happen to those chocolates....?

Lolly has too many teachers to buy for and her french teacher is leaving the school, she will not be missed after the way she has treated Lolly this year, I'll help her pack and kick her down the school driveway on Thursday if she likes!

Missing rabbit still missing, still presumed killed in action. Still hate foxes.


zirelda said...

Sigh. I love chocolate.

Maria said...

I did the exact same thing with Liv's Easter candy last year. I bought it early, tucked it away in my closet and then spend the next two weeks sneaking bites of the um white chocolate bunnies and malted milk balls. I had to go buy more the day before Easter.

Sorry about your real bunnies....


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