Sunday, 8 July 2007

I have to laugh at the obscure relevency that my little ad thing comes up with, but I thinkI'm not allowed to mention it..?

Puppy is poopy, we take him outside every half an hour and we mostly get lucky and he is learning but he is pooping so often I'm not sure if he is well? How many times an hour can a puppy poop? At least he seems to know to do it on the floor that can be baby wiped and then antibacterial-ed rather than my new carpet, bless him! He's great at night, stays in his crate, sleeps, doesn't whine and holds it in but during the day he never stops! I've been googling about his breed a lot but all the sites presume you have the basic knowledge, I need absolute specifics, laymans terms, back to basics instructions having never owned my own dog before, only the family one when I was younger.
He has his first vaccination tomorrow, that should be fun, maybe I'll get my mum to hold him then he can blame it on her, any tips on anything puppy wise from dogs owners would be more than welcome!
Still getting over the cold, still hating it, the weather was lovely today, we went to a car boot sale early (does everyone have those, like a yard sale only from the boot of your car in a large car park? Never sure if its just an english thing?) Just picked up some videos for Dumpling and a few toys for him, we got there a little late so all the good stuff was gone, you need to be there at dawn if you are serious about it. Was busy as first decent weather we have had in weeks. But was exhausted by the time we got back, mum offered to take dumpling for a few hours and Lolly was out spending her birthday money on cheap earrings, you could hang a parrot from the ones she bought...Tried to nap but it was the noisiest sunday afternoon ever, bin lids slamming, teenagers shrieking, dogs barking and then a car alarm went off and I live in a quiet neighbourhood! I guess the sunshine brought everyone out for the afternoon, pity I was trying to sleep off a high temp! Gave up in the end and watched re-runs of 'Frasier', until mum rang to say she was bringing dumpling home as he was upset and wanted me, strange, he usually will stay at grandmas for as long as he can, more sugar, less rules! Turns out mum had left the shed door open and it was creaking in the breeze! Scared him witless!


Terroni said...

Lots of pooping may mean the puppy has worms. Most of them have to be treated for that at least once. You may want to consider taking a little poop sample to your vet so he or she can check.

Terroni said...

Oh, and they don't usually mind shots much--it's much easier than taking kids for vaccinations.

Maria said...

There is a certain joy when your child wants you and only you. And a certain annoyance to it as well.

I haven't been to a garage sale in years, I am such a lazy ass that getting up is hard enough.

And no advice for the puppy training. One of the reasons that I am not very open to Liv getting a dog is the whole training process. Ugh.


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