Monday, 9 July 2007

Her's is a tonic and mine is a gin...

I'm in a great mood! The sun is shining, I dont feel like something that feel out of one end of the dog, I'm listening to 'flathead' by the fratellis and 'voodoo doll' by the rogue traders as loud as I can without the neighbours complaining, feeling young again, amazing what laying on the sofa for 3 or 4 days feeling bad can do to make you appreciate life again once you get it back!

Nemo went to the vets this morning and after waiting a long time to be seen, they had an emergency so I cant complain. I was worried sick they were going to say that the dandruff on his back was going to be some dire complaint and theres was no hope and that his ears were full of some horrible bugs etc etc (dont google worst case scenarios for everything your puppy does...) turns out he's healthy, lovely and the vet adores him, I had to break up the snuggle session they were having, I'm trying to give his history and age and the vet is on his hands and knees making kissy wissy noises while the dog licks his nose (ok, I'm jealous, the vet was good looking and back in the day I had that effect on men.....) He's delayed his jabs by a week as he had a very wet poop this morning and may have chewed something he shouldnt but other than that a clean bill of health. Took us an other hour to get past all the nurses and receptionists who wanted to tickle him and declare what a cutie he was, I'm starting to realise that I'm going to have to learn to be tough with people, poor puppy hasnt got any immune system yet and people are scratching their dogs and then wandering over to us and letting nemo chew their fingers!

Just thought, am I doing that thing that women do with new babies and talk of nothing else....
ok, consider myself slapped, I'll think of something else to talk about when I finish giving him a tummy rub...

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