Friday, 6 July 2007

I have a cold

An annoying, feels like I breathed in gravel sort of cold, not enough snot to blow my nose or cough properly but enough to make me dry cough constantly, have a sore itchy throat (and ears) and the inside of my nose feels like its been sandpapered. I'm not good when I'm ill, I get irritable, I want everything done before I collapse on the sofa but I'm in no fit state to do it. My temp keeps going up and down, one minute I have the chills and then I'm sweating. I hate it, with two kids and another to look after plus the animals I cant take to my bed and sleep it off as much as the thought sounds heavenly.

Weather is still rubbish, its July and I'm wearing jeans jumper and welly boots, I should be wearing bikini and sunscreen! At least the eternal pouring of rain has stopped but its still not summer.

Saw a rat outside yesterday, it scuttled under a rabbit cage, spied on the area through the window and saw mummy, daddy and baby rat! I wont put traps out as its me that has to dispose of the remains, gross, and although I have put poison out, I dont like to because the the danger to the kids, rabbits and puppy and again if I find the dead rat its me to has to clear it up. So I've decided to chase them out, I'm moving all the cages around, using the outside vacuum cleaner a lot amd making as much noise and disturbance as possible in the hope they wont like it and will leave the garden.

I'll write more later, am tired, sniffy and irritable x

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Terroni said...

I hope you feel better soon, friend.


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