Sunday, 29 July 2007


Pretty good day considering that all the days are blending into one at the moment, with the kids being off school there is very little to distinguish the days. Went to Dumplings school friends birthday party, very nice, in a little hall with a hired magician who fancied himself as a bit of a comedian with the parents, I got off very lightly but he was very cheeky to the grandmother of the boy but she took it very well and at one point all the adults were crying with laughter. He kept the kids entertained and sat down for the whole hour he was booked and they laughed a lot too, he was very slapstick and they loved it. Then food and a game of pass-the-parcel with a layer and sweets for all 24 of the children, 24 layers of shiny wrapping paper must have cost more than the present! A small glass of wine for the adults, I had to sleep for an hour when I got home, cant take my wine at the best of times and certainly not on a Sunday lunchtime with only 2 cocktail sausages, a small ham sandwich and a handful of teddy bear crisps!


Been trying to have a clear out at home, we have so much tat, even after few hours housework it still looks untidy but there's so much I cant bear to part with, I hate to think of things being wasted by throwing them away but I know they are being wasted sat around my house. Every night I think I will attack the house with some bin liners and either throw things away or give stuff to the charity shop but only a small bag ever makes it! We have more toys than the average playschool but Dumpling does play with them, whatever I get down from the 'ledge' that our toys are on (will post a pic when its tidier) he throws himself at them with gusto so why get rid of them just to make more space for me to vacuum? I have a bad habit of keeping things out on show because if I put every thing away I don't know what I have, the stuff that is 'away' doesn't get used and that's pointless too, oh I give up, the house can be minimalist and tidy when the kids leave home!


Maria said...

Ugh. I hate clutter. When I was alone this week in the house, I just could not stand Bing's four empty water bottles that sit on the kitchen counter, so I threw them out. She noticed it immediately, of course!

Kate said...

Everyday I look at my house and feel the same way, but I still manage to stash things long enough to placate my need for tidiness once in a blue moon. good luck with the tidying I don't envy you one bit


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