Saturday, 21 July 2007

Have refilled my prescription of pain meds after pulling my back lifting rabbit cages around so feeling much better even though things havnt changed!

Dumplings absent father had the cheek to write to me today, 4 sides of A4 of self indulgent crap, telling me I was 'stand-offish' at the funeral, and that I know deep down in my heart that he is not a bad person and that he might like to see Dumpling. NOT A CHANCE was the general reaction. I'm not going into it too much on here but he has denied that he is dumplings father, has wished me dead and various other things. Dumpling wouldnt know him if he passed him in the street and I would like it to stay that way.

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Anonymous said...

When I split from my ex., I believed what I read about "children deserve a father". Indeed, I think I still do - but I've come to understand, the hard way, that just because a fellow squirted a few sperm at an opportune moment does not make him a father.

I sent my kids to their dad every weekend for ten years. I followed my grandmother's dictate: if you can't say anything nice, say nothing at all, and managed, most of the time, to be positive about their dad in their presence. (Or at least keep my big mouth firmly shut.)

For ten years. Last summer, all hell broke loose, and the upshot is that the girls have not seen or spoken to him since. Their choice. My son sees him once every six weeks or so.

If a man has denied a child is even his? He is not a father. All he provided was a single cell. You did the rest.


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