Wednesday, 4 July 2007

The Funeral

Nana Bettys funeral was on Monday. Unbeknown to me Dumplings father was attending. I haven't seen Lollys father in almost 14 years and Dumplings for 3 years and I have to see them both in 24 hours? I kept my big black sunglasses on and tried to avoid him, I thought his casual attitude and appearance was disrespectful and his girlfriend should have been slapped for spitting out her chewing gum and lighting a cigarette at the graveside. I stayed at the wake just long enough so as not to be rude and then got out of there. I'm glad I went to pay my respects to Betty and for her daughter, Dumplings nan but I hope I never have to see certain people again.

This has been a difficult week, thanks Maria, graceful and gracious is how I've tried to be, I think I'm managing it.

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Maria said...

What kind of a bimbo lights a cigarette at a gravesite? Jaysus....sounds like your ex went way down when he went on without you, dearie.


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