Thursday, 19 July 2007

Had a an awful day, I want to use many swear words but have said enough today and shouldn't use them on the blog. My period is overdue, no I'm not pregnant, you need to have sex for that, sometimes stress seems to delay it and the hormone buildup is unbearable. Dumplings school rang at 10.30 again and said he wasn't well, could I pick him up, third time this month, he only has tomorrow and then he breaks up for the summer but he only has to clutch his tummy and moan a little and they run for the phone. He was fine when I picked him up and he knew he had pulled a fast one. I had already arranged to meet his Nana for lunch so I took him with. He behaved like an absolute brat, literally putting himself between her and me so we couldn't hold a conversation, he went on and on playing up till he knocked over a huge glass of orange juice, most of which went into my handbag which was laying sideways on the table, to make it worse, Nana picked it upright so it all ran into my phone, purse and keys, I'm screaming at her to stop as if she hadn't it would have puddled in the top and not touched the phone, I'm tipping it out trying to save my stuff and she's panicking making it worse, in the end I snapped at her to leave it and she went to get paper towels, then comes back and trys to dry a vets leaflet that was in my bag, why would I want a paper leaflet dry, I'm trying to save an expensive phone here! Dumplings lies on the floor under the table crying and then I look over and realise that his playschool teachers are having their end of term lunch here and are all staring and the swearing mother, the panicking grandmother and the sobbing child. When Dumplings ice cream arrived I told him he couldn't have it till he stopped howling, sat in the chair I specified ie not next to me and apologised. Of course Nana starts trying to give him the bloody ice cream, I had to firmly tell her to stop it, I'm sick of people raising their eyebrows at my kids behaviour but encouraging it against my wishes, the grandmas in this family are driving me crazy. Stop spoiling my children and then telling me they are spoiled! Oh my nerves are frazzled here and I'm close to angry pissed off tears, I'm sick of my kids squabbling, I'm sick of the mess they make. They are both masters of passive aggression, they would never be directly disrespectful to me but they just quietly ignore what I ask, or do as little as possible and they both cant bear that I have a life, even a phone conversation is interrupted by 'emergencies'. Most people see two pretty good kids and they are, its the 20% of them thats driving me insane and they things they get into trouble for are not that bad, its the fact that its every fucking day, the same shoes I trip over, the same unflushed toilet, the same toothpaste stain down the sink. We have a dishwasher but I have to hovver over them with a baseball bat to get them to put a plate in it, I can say to them as they leave the room "put that in the dishwasher" when I go to the kitchen, there it is on the worktop. Its the repetitiveness of what I'm angry for that is tipping me over the edge, its groundhog day of small chores and it makes me sob with frustration that they don't remember that doing something (or not doing it) make mummy scream with fury yesterday and the day before but it will be ok today...why don't they learn from their mistakes?

And the puppy gets taken out every half hour but pisses on the floor as soon as we're not looking. We still cant take him out for a walk until he is fully inoculated, maybe then the smell of other dogs will make him do all his peeing then and I can stop mopping the floor every few minutes.

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zirelda said...

Boy do I remember those days. Except I only had one and chose to keep it that way. Along with everyone spoiling the child you get to hear about how much harder or easier it is later. Riiiiiight.


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