Sunday, 1 July 2007


Busy few days!

Lollys birthday was on Tuesday, it was lovely and we came home late in the evening, full of cake and happiness to find that Lollys father had emailed. I don't talk about it on the blog now seems a good time to start. Lolly had never met her dad, he left the country before she was born. I found his contact details about two years ago on the web, I had always known how to get into contact with him via some of his family if I had needed to, say for some genetic medical treatment if I wasn't suitable, but they didn't know about Lolly. She had started to ask questions and I thought she was of an age where she could handle it so I got in touch. He had married and had two boys (he has an older boy who lives near me too) Things didn't go very well as we tried to communicate by email. They took everything I said the wrong way and were on the attack verbally all the time. There were also long periods, months at a time when I wouldn't hear anything from them. But Lolly and her father began written contact through me by email and it had gone well, he promised many times to visit from UAE but could never make it.

But on Tuesday night he emailed to say he would be flying in in 48 hours. It threw us into a headspin, Lolly had an anxiety attack at school and I had to go and pick her up. They met for the first time yesterday, just me, Lolly and her father in a coffee shop and it went very well, Lolly was overwhelmed at first and cried a little but soon joined in our conversation as we talked about life in UAE, the weather etc. soon we were all laughing and you would never have known that 18 months of unpleasant emailing had preceded.

We met again today to buy her 13 years worth of birthday present and will all meet tomorrow for pizza.

So I guess you should meet the present, Nemo....


Maria said...

Wow. A lovely birthday gift. And how nice that you have been so graceful and gracious about her meeting her Da.

Terroni said...

Nemo is adorable!
And I am with speaks so very highly of you that you are supporting her as she tries to get to know her dad.

Graceful and gracious--I couldn't possible choose better words.

maryp said...

Oh, my goodness. That is the sweetest little bundle I've seen in a long while. Lucky Lolly! (Emma is jealous. She would LOVE a dog. Many reasons why we don't have one, none of which convince her a whole lot...

Graceful and gracious. I like that. There are a few who would make it a challenge - I think I'll try to rise to it!


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