Friday, 25 May 2007

Doctor has given me a new pain relief regime for this blasted shoulder problem. He said it may make me drowsy but its having the opposite effect, I'm pain free and raring to go, quite hyper, the house doesn't know whats hit it, been hoovering like a woman possessed, have descaled the washing machine and dishwasher, done piles of ironing, cleaned the bathroom, there's more to do and while I'm in the mood and have the energy I'm going to do it!


Have bought Lolly and Dumpling shortie wetsuits from Ebay so we can go to the beach in the evening and have a swim! Lolly is so self conscious about wearing a bikini or swimsuit, she has a figure at 12 that makes men stare and drool, they soon stop when they see the flames of anger in my eyes but its made her very uncomfortable going to the pool or the beach. She liked the idea of wearing a wetsuit though, wont be able to wear it during the days on hot days but we tend to go down in the evening and have a bbq, perfect!


Jon had the cheek to text after exactly two weeks of no contact and say he was cut up about his ex wife changing her name back and he had been getting over it by going out with his mates every he can go out on the piss but cant find a moment to even text me, even to end it? I didn't reply, dignified silence. I don't hold any bad feelings towards him, I wasn't that emotionally involved, but I'm not going to respond, if I have a go at him, he'll just label me in the bitch category with his ex-wife and I'm also not going to say 'oh don't worry' as he shouldn't have treated me like like that. I've emailed his sister in law, my friend and told her and said that she shouldn't worry about how the whole thing and to invite us both to any occasion, I'd be happy to see him again socially and wouldn't make a scene. I'm to old to get upset and vengeful, I don't feel it anyway!


Dumpling has started a little football class at the local sports centre, its so cute, I've put him in the younger group age 3-5 because he knows nothing about the sport, we don't follow football at all. He can be a little shy socially and I thought this might help, he also isn't very good at failure, but when he missed a goal I thought he would melt down, cry and run out of the hall and up to the balcony to me but he just shrugged and laughed! I was ecstatic, six months ago it would have been another story! He was good at every part of the lesson and the coach was impressed. It would have been 100% perfect if it hadn't been for the one child you get in every class who plays up the whole time, pushing and shoving, dumpling mainly as he was the new kid, kicked over all the boys water bottles, defied the coach at every turn, drove me crazy and the coach endlessly threatened to make him sit on the side if he did anything wrong again but never followed through. His parents didn't appear to even notice, I've told dumpling to make sure he doesn't sit or stand anywhere near him next week, I hope things improve as Dumpling said he liked the class but didn't want to go if devil child was going to be there...


Maria said...

I HATE that one kid and they always seem to have parents who think they are darling.

And...sorry about J, but you know, boys are just weird. And to tell YOU that he was upset about his wife changing her name back was sort of uncalled for. I mean, honesty doesn't always work for me in those situations. But, at least, I suppose, you know what you are dealing with now. Understand the situation and can behave accordingly.

Wow.Picnics nightly at the beach? Sounds heavenly.

Bahrageous said...

You want to come across the pond and clean my place? I pay in cookies!!! *batting eyelashes*

Eff that J guy. You did the right thing by just ignoring him. Let him be a wimpy whiner all by himself.

PS - I wanna go to the beach, too!


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