Friday, 4 May 2007

The Park

Theres a lovely park on the way home from Dumplings school, we go there most days but I'm starting to regret the habit. How can some mums sit there smoking and swearing and letting their kids run riot? Its a fenced off park in the middle of a huge area of grass, hills and paths so many people walk there dogs there, thats fine, they clear up after them and never let them into the play area. Its the kids and their mothers who are more bother inside the play area! Large sign on the gate says no smoking and no ball games, guess which mums smoke the entire time and encourage their boys to play football amongst the play equipment? Two particular boys terrorise the swing set and came up behind dumpling who was wearing his new cream sun hat with the iron on yellow digger motif I bought him, he loves it and so do the rest of the boys in his school it seems. I was stood by the slide and in their blind spot, 'Lets get his hat off him' said one thug-in-training to the other, you should have seen their faces when I said loudly 'NO'! That was all it needed to have them scurry over to the other side of the park and glare at me, makes me wonder if it was the first time anyone had said the word to them...?

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Maria said...

Little farts. I HATE bullies and I think you are right, once you face them and get in their faces and they see that you are going to be a force to be reckoned with, they scamper away like the coward butts they are.

It isn't quite warm enough for the park yet here, but soon I will be sitting on a bench trying to finish some work while Liv screams, "Watch THIS. Watch THIS!"


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