Wednesday, 30 May 2007


It rained all morning, but cleared up beautifully to go out this afternoon, Dumpling has football and swimming lessons, the football is the funniest thing ever, a bunch of 3-5 year olds, some pretty good at football but most just enjoying running about trying to kick the ball. The coach spent a long time carefully explaining the positions, pointless as they just ran in a tight little pack, desperate to get anywhere near the ball! He soon gave up and did some practice shooting instead, they took it in turns to shoot or be in goal, one little boy got his trainers caught in the net, the coach couldn't figure out why he wouldn't come out of the goal area, the parents are in fits of giggles as he tries to untangle himself! Maybe you had to be there, doesn't sound as funny writing it but the kids thoroughly enjoyed themselves as did the parents!

Then straight round the corner to swimming lessons. I like Dumplings swimming coach, the management want to move him up to the big pool but both his coach and I agree that as good as he is at swimming, his feet barely touch the bottom in the bigger pool! I must write to the pool management though, the place was filthy today, I complained that the nappy bins in the family area were very full and so stinky in the humidity and would they please empty them, they still hadn't been done when I dressed Dumpling 30 minutes later and the general state of the place is going down hill, funnily enough it used to be a council run place and has been taken over by a private company, you'd think things would be better. All the staff seem to know and agree that its grubby and stinky but no one does anything about it. I've been going to the pool since I was a baby and they used to be constantly hosing down and cleaning but I cant think of the last time I saw any cleaning going on, the shower nearest the pool side smells like an open sewer!


We have foxes in the garden again! Not mating loudly this time but they are quite sweet and as long as they don't do any damage they we don't mind them, the rabbits are in the carport which has doors both ends, the foxes could get in if they really wanted to but I don't think foxes are clever enough to open cages, are they?

The last guinea pig died last night, it was very old and lonely without its mate who died a couple of months ago, I thought it didn't look quite right yesterday but he was still eating and drinking and moving around but he was gone, gone, gone by this morning.


Jon's sister in law, my friend, emailed to talk about what had happened with Jon, either he or she seems to think its my fault for not texting him in those two weeks! Told her that long term single does not make me desperate, I do not do the chasing and that he needs to make more effort! I really don't know whats going on in his head and I'm not that bothered, if he really wanted to see me, he could have texted, called or have come round, my friend says he's very polite and would only come round if invited, well he needs to stay in touch to get the chance to be invited!


There was something else I was going to blog about and I cant remember....


Maria said...

I have seen one fox in my back yard and I will never forget him/her. It had the most incredible bushy red tail that I have seen.

I like to make the suitors work for their supper. Bing says it is the most desirable and most frustrating thing about me.

MaryP said...

There are football teams (which we call soccer over here) in the field at our local park. I find it so cute that, because the kids are so small, they've cut one soccer field into thirds, and have three games going at once! With teeny little nets set up down what are the sides (not the ends) of the full field. Too cute!

And, like Dumpling's team, the kids all swarm the ball. You can never actually SEE the ball, except when it squirts by accident from the seething mass. You just know it must be under there somewhere...

The poor coaches are try, try, trying to get the kids to stay in position. HA!

As I say, very entertaining, even when you don't have a child on the field!

As to Jon. There's a book out there, I'm sure you've heard of it, called "He's Just Not That Into You". The basic premise: if a fellow doesn't call, doesn't text, doesn't try to set something up with you, it's not that he's busy, it's not that he's swamped at work, it's not that he's afraid of commitment - no, he's just not that interested. Because if he were, he'd make sure of seeing you.

So there. Jon can pretend (to his SIL and to himself) that you were at fault, but that's just silly. He had two weeks. If he were really interested, that's lots of time!


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