Monday, 14 May 2007

I caught the migraine before it got really bad, don't get them very often, should have known when I couldn't type straight to save my life this morning, then the words re-arranged themselves on the page of a book I was trying to read. On the way to get dumpling from school my right eye started to feel strange, I met my best mummy friend on the way down the road and remarked how pretty the bunting looked...She gently explained that there was no bunting and I realised that I was having my upper visual wavy zigzag migraine flashes and needed to get some painkillers quickly! Went home and knocked 2 of each type down with some lucazade and lay flat on my bed, within half an hour I was ok to get up and start dinner, feel tired now. This was probably triggered by the fall I took in the shower last night, I just slipped, went crashing down on the side of my back and left arm and to ass insult to injury the shower pole fell on my head as I grabbed the curtain!


Kate said...

oh wow, my sympathies to you, your migraine sounds similar to the ones I get, its terrible when things start to appear visually that no one else can see!!!
Hope you have kicked it in the backside and that it won't be coming back too soon

Maria said...

I used to get migraines in college. They stayed around until I was about 30 and then mysteriously vanished and I have never had another.

And that picture is frackin accurate.

I used to get bad tunnel vision right before the pain hit. If I could make it to a water faucet and stick the insides of my wrists under really cold water, I could sometimes stall it. Might work for you...

Proxima said...

I think that picture is a fairly accurate representation! I get migraines and "cluster" headaches myself.

What a lovely looking family you've got there! I also have a habit of rescuing things. Currently we've got a large aquatic turtle and a cat.
take Care!


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