Saturday, 19 May 2007

A meme

Thought I'd start my own meme! and as an update I'll answer it!

What animal would you like to come back as and why?

I'm very fond of naps in warm places, so I'll say cat, but I don't eat fish so I'd be a very strange cat!

What was the best night out of your life? Lurid details please!

I went to college when I was 25 and made friends with a group of 17/18 years old, we had some cracking nights out and if you ever get us all together we will reminess endlessly about those nights, the time that Sarah fell over drunk in a night club and then we all tripped over her stands out...!

If you could go back in time and then stay at one age forever what would it be?

24, I had a flat tummy and an amazing metabolism, its all went down hill when I reached thirty!

If you instantly become qualified for any profession, what would you do?

An artist, a sculptor or painter, I think of amazing images especially when I'm falling asleep but my brain cant make my hands make them!

Whats your favourite item of clothing?

My jeans, I love them so much I went back and bought another pair and the second pair were half price, yay!

What form of dancing are you best (or worse) at?

Cant dance at all sober but get 5 vodkas or more in me and I'll boogie you under the table!

Would you at any time of your life have done playboy for a million?

I'll have loved the money but the boobies have never really been up to the challenge!

Whats the cleanest part of your house?

The toilets, Dumplings aim is dreadful so I clean them from top to bottom daily and bleach them after every use.

And the dirtiest?

Any part of the house that doesnt get used or seen very often, pull out a wardrobe and there will be so much dust and cobwebs... I'm a clean person with regards to kitchens and bathrooms and vacuum through everyday and dust once a week or so but I dont do under the beds or on top of the wardrobes and I'm untidy, I see nothing wrong with a pile of stuff in a pile as long as I know whats in it!

If you joined the circus, what would you be?

I'd be a clown as long as I was completely disguised, I couldnt be funny as me but dressed up I'd love it. I hired a rabbit costume for Lollys 4th birthday, the ones with the giant heads? Some of her friends still dont know it was me!

Do you have a criminal record?

Nope nothing at all, not even a traffic ticket as I dont drive.

If you could get away with murder, would you? (who?)

Any child murderer.

What item of make up can you not live with out?

Mmmm, if I dont wear a light base of foundation people ask me if I'm ok, I do like my mascara, look pale with out just a touch of blush, I guess I could live with out lipsstick. The biggest compliment I get is that people think I dont wear makeup when actually I wear base, powder, mascara, blusher and lipstick!

Whats the weirdest thing you've ever eaten?

Camel when I lived in the middle east, I worry more about what I dont know I've eaten in bad restaurants...

Would you be a surrogate mother, carry a baby for someone else?

I've thought about this a lot, I dont know why. I could if it was the other womans egg but not one of my eggs.

Right that was exhausting just thinking of them, I'll answer them later, for now I tag Mary P, Maria, Bah, and Terroni, if anyone else reads me and wants to be tagged, feel free, let me know so I can read your answers!


Maria said...

You know, in general, I dislike memes...but I actually LIKE this one. It has unique questions and each one is sort of revealing in a way that I haven't seen before?

Perhaps you are a behavior psychologist and not telling us?

I'll get to it soon. I have to do Elle's first and then yours next. And sometimes memes are easier to do than to think up something interesting to write. I look forward to this one!

Terroni said...

I have to finish the 5 reasons why I blog for Maria, and then I'm on it! Thanks for the tag :>

Gunfighter said...


Just visiting... I found my way here, via Redneck Mommy.

Nice place you have here.


Bahrageous said...

'Ello Love.

Thanks for the tag. I just finished a post, but I will try and answer these questions on tomorrow's post. Unless I have news! about the neighbors!! Then, you might have to wait a day or so. :-)


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