Saturday, 12 May 2007

NEW Google Analytics

I had just about figured out what everything meant on the old version and now they go and update it! Took me ten minutes to figure out how to get the map to show my little orange dots! The strange thing is that I've filtered out my IP address but the highest number of hits still seem to be coming from my town? I haven't told anyone I know about the blog, cant write about people I know if they are going to read it, the only thing i can think of is if I've mentioned local places then they have accidentally come to the blog when searching for information about say farmer palmers or the new forest? Who else has an analytical page and do you get everything it tells you, whats a bounce rate for example?!?!

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Maria said...

I have one but don't know how to interpret it except to see if this one creepy ass person who stalks my blog is around. there a help page to go to and ask questions?


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