Tuesday, 1 May 2007

I hate hearing toddlers tantrum.

Not because I disaprove, toddlers all have tantrums, ok some know when to do it for best effect and some mums dont handle it very well, but what I hate most is the awful comments other people make, I stood in a bus queue in the station today and in the next queue over a very tired crabby boy was straining to get out of his pushchair, every time his tired mum said "will you SIT down?" off he went again. I carried on reading my magazine, I can tune out a whining child, but the muttered comments of others waiting drove me crazy "Glad he's not getting on this bus" to "she needs to do something about that child" to "Why doesnt he just shut up!" What pointless statements to make! I was too far away to start a conversation with her but nobody offered any moral support, they just tutted and judged. Where did our sense of community go? I should have kept the story but a mother here was asked to get off a bus recently as her toddler was tantrumming (did I blog about this? cant remember) the bus driver pulled the bus over and refused to drive on till they got off and not a single person stood up for her. When I read about it in our local paper, I was incensed, I wrote a long angry reply in the comments section of their online version of the paper. We also recently had a baby who had stopped breathing turned away from a new GP office in a large pharmacy, 'she didnt have an appointment' and last christmas a woman fainted in the queue in a large shop as I was paying, I turned around to see what the noise was and people were stepping over her to move forward in the queue! Last month a local man fell down an manhole that hadnt had the cover replaced properly and broke his ribs, he called and called for help, one woman said 'hello' and carried on her way! I help people with directions almost everyday, helped a woman today who dropped her shopping, I've stayed with lost children until the security guard found the mum, I even alerted a toddlers mum when her daughter was silently choking in her buggy, why dont we help each other anymore. I worry all the time that something bad will happen to my kids, what worrys me as much is that nobody will help them if they need it.


Terroni said...

Yikes! Those are some pretty striking examples of what assholes we humans can be.

I always wonder the same thing, though. What is wrong with people?

I used to work in a hospital. One night, another aide slipped and fell. A physician stepped over top of her and kept going. Apparently, he confused "Care for the injured" with "Leapfrog the injured." Real charming.

Terroni said...

Also, I think any parent who deals with a toddler tantrum without resorting to extreme violence should get a medal.

Maria said...

Ugh. Every parent's nightmare, to have your child throw a tantrum in public. But, you know...you get through it and try to keep your sense of humor.

Whenever I see a parent with a child throwing a tantrum, I feel for her, I really do. Been there. Done that.


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