Tuesday, 22 May 2007


Sunday morning I stretched up to reach something and put my back out so bad I thought I had dislocated my shoulder, screamed and cried so bad dumpling had to be physically stopped from calling 999! Had to be physically laid on my bed and large doses of painkillers and muscle relaxants were administered. I remember very little of sunday! The shoulder is tight and sore now but at least I can keep my head on my shoulders and have movement with severe pain and spasm. You dont want to know what happened when I had to go to the toilet and couldnt bend down or even pull down my pyjama bottoms!

Felt rough yesterday, come down from the medication I think. Waited in for four hours for the cable repair man, put out two signs telling him to press the intercom, not knock the door for the annexe, he managed to not see either sign and went away. I was so furious that I had wasted a whole afternoon and arranged for someone else to pick up dumpling from school. He also claimed that he tried to ring my mobile phone and that it didnt work, rubbish, he just buggered off. They are coming again this morning, I think this will be the 8th tech to visit about why my phone doesnt ring!

Oh and huge congratulations to Mary P, a married lady now! Cant wait for the pics!


Kate said...

My sympathies, did something similar with my wrist when Jboo was a little baby, its excrutiating having to still look after small people while in massive amounts of pain. Hope it gets better soon.

Maria said...

Aw...J...I feel your pain. Literally. I have such a bad back, two slipped discs and sciatica.

So...ew. I am cringing right along with you in spirit. Feel better soon. And DAMN those cable guys...


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