Saturday, 12 May 2007

Woke with a strange feeling this morning, that feeling you get when something is bugging you and you cant figure what it is? Couldn't decide what to do today, knew I had to post a parcel and get some things from he shops but felt this irritable sense that I had to do something. Eventually decided to go to our local library and hire some dvds to watch, so much cheaper that the dvd rental store and you get a week to keep them rather than two days. Felt much better once I had made this decision, went along and chose oceans 12 for me (dire film, wouldn't recommend it) and Lion King 3 for Dumpling but as I was queuing to take them out I picked up a few books from a recommended shelf near me. I used to read so much but cant find the time these days but as I knew I was staying in this weekend on account of the weather and budget I thought I would pick up some books. The first one I started reading was 'Love in the present tense' by Catherine Ryan Hyde

I read in in less than two hours, and haven't just finished crying. I was so supposed to read this book today, not a great believer in fate but... Have you read this book? Having a son the same age as the boy in the story broke my heart, and having had my daughter whilst still in my teens resonates too. The day she takes him to the beach is so similar to a day with my daughter around the same age. I wont spoil the book for anyone who hasn't read it but if this doesn't make you cry and see everything in a whole new light...


Maria said...

I actually have that book on my to-read shelf along with several others. It is currently book number 7, but I may move it up if it is that good.

Bahrageous said...

I will have to read this one. I've fallen out of my reading habit as well. Thanks for the suggestion!


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