Saturday, 26 May 2007

Dumplings day out

I love my son so much, he has just told me his tummy is full of love for me and his new water pistol! Todays blog is about us spending some quality time together while Lolly went to drool at Johny Depp at the cinema. But I'm so tired from our day of fun that this will mostly be in pictures!

We walked to the big park near us to feed the ducks and found...


so cute, had to be careful as the parents were very protective, took these pics on the zoom lense!

Then we walked around the lake, saw a high speed train and the coastguard helicopter, sorry no pics of these but dumpling was thrilled to see both. We walked to another part of the park near the sea front and found a funfair! Very small and dumpling didn't want to go on the 'big scary' rides but went on this one, he grinned while on it but...

he burst into floods of tears when he got off! Clung to me and begged to be taken away but not before the lucky dip, hence the new water pistol!
We then walked to the seafront and harbour

looked for crabs, found what appeared to be a tiny foot long dead shark, no I didn't take a photo, too gross, the crabs were trying to eat it, great for dumpling, stomach churning for me! We popped in the tiny lifeboat museum when dumpling got 'happy snappy'

I got pinched by that thing all day!

We looked at boats, got an ice cream

Had a quick look round a free museum that we have been to so many times that dumpling heads straight for the old fashioned classroom and pretends to be a strict teacher while I have to sit at the desks and pretend to be the pupil, we then sat outside and talked about what things would have been like a long time ago, when grandad was a little boy, took him a while to get his head round the concept that 75 year old grandad ever was a boy!

All in all a happy day!

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Maria said...

What a great day. And Dumpling looks SO much like you. He has your smile, Jenny.


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