Sunday, 13 May 2007

Whats my motivation?

Maria tagged me for 5 reasons why I blog

1) I read so many blogs that I started to think about things that happened to me in 'blog speak', it was only a matter of time before I started one myself. But I delayed actually signing up for so long because of my secret lifelong insecurity and desire to be liked. In real life you can take me or leave me, I stand for what I believe in and stand my ground but secretly I want everyone to be nice to me and love me!

2) If you had asked me what I wanted to be at 13 the answer would have been journalist, I tried to start school papers and wrote endless rubbish on the computers at school which no one ever read, I soon realised how much hard work writing was and impatient me wanted quick results, ideas pour out of my head and I don't want to bother sorting them out and planning and drafting and rewriting. So at 31 years old I discovered blogs, its quick and fun, you can write 'stream of consciousness' style if you so want and you can write whatever you want any time of day or night and publish instantly. Its the selfish journalism I've been looking for all along!

3) I like to feel connected to the outside world, I get a ridiculous kick of seeing the orange dots on the analytic map, people all over the world are reading my blog!!! I love the fact that I can tell my day to people all over place, in different places, time zones and cultures, it shows we all share a common existence.

4) Nothing gives me a greater thrill that moderating comments. I'm really bad for forgetting to comment on other peoples blogs, I just love that people take the time so just stop by and say something, anything...(see 1))

5) Gives me something to do while I'm checking how much I'm selling my kids stuff for on Ebay...

I tag Mary P, Kaybeejae and bahrageous


Kimberly said...

So this is where you've been hiding out, Jenny! I've missed you!

Congrats on the blog. I know it's going to be great and everyone is going to love you!

Happy Mother's Day!

Maria said...

It IS kind of cool, isn't it? I mean, do you ever wonder WHY someone from Thailand reads your blog every day? It is the kind of thing that sets my brain in motion. I mean, what do I, a mom from Nebraska have that could possibly interest someone from Thailand?

Bahrageous said...

I heard through a friend of a friend that you had tagged me...I've been a bit absent lately. I already posted something tonight, but I promise (with a capital P) that I will answer your tag tomorrow evening.

I might have to think about this one for a few hours. ;-)


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