Saturday, 19 May 2007


Maria tagged me again, I like being tagged, means I don't have to think too hard but still get stuff out of my head and onto the blog!

What time is it?

6.30 in the evening her, sun is setting nicely and I feel good

What am I afraid of?

Deep water, rats, large spiders, typical Indiana Jones stuff I guess!

Have I ever seen a ghost?

Personally no, but others I know have. Unconvinced but open to ideas, I believe there are energies on this earth that we have yet to discover or understand.

Where was I born?

In the UK, on the south coast, 8lb something to teenage married parents.

Have you ever been to Alaska?

Nope, have never been to USA, Canada or anywhere in that half of the world. have been to Saudi Arabia, Australia, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore and France though.

Have I ever toilet papered a tree?

No, we don't seem to do that in the UK, maybe I should start and it will catch on...!

Croutons or bacon bits?

Croutons, definitely, bacon bits spoil the taste of the soup or salad.

Favourite day of the week?

Tuesdays, I get paid!

Favourite restaurant?

Theres a place near me called Isabel's which has a really good reputation, expensive but the place to go I hear,never been but I want to go one day.

Favourite flower?

Any as long as they are fresh and smell nice but don't leave pollen stains all over my clothes.

Favourite perfume?

I don't wear perfume as such, i prefer to smell of clean body and hair, clean clothes and maybe just deodorant. I cant bear strong perfumes and I associate perfumes so strongly with any event I go to when wearing one that I can never wear it again. My mum wore a particular perfume on holiday when I was nine and the smell still takes me immediately back to that island!

Favourite ice cream?

Mint choc chip! Love it, don't have it very often, save it for special occasions or on holiday, too much and I would get bored of it.

Favourite drink?

Non alcoholic - tropical juice
Alcoholic - vodka is best for drinking, makes me the best type of tipsy, I like wine but it doesn't agree with me, I get rudely drunk, embarrass myself and the hangover is a killer.

Favourite fast food?

Any as long as its fast, not a great cook so Chinese, KFC, fish&chips, whatevers going!

Colour of my bedroom carpet?

Horrible light brown patterned thing that was her when I moved her, isn't attached to the floor properly and i cant afford to replace and even if I could have no where to move everything too as I built my bed in the room.

How many times did you take your drivers test?

This is a long story as they changed the rules in this country around the time I took mine. First test failed, 2nd test passed but they brought out a written test at that time, I thought I had longer to take it than I did and by the time I applied for it I had missed the date and they declared my driving test invalid. Few years later passed the written test and then took my driving test on September 11th 2001, eight months pregnant for dumpling. 9-11 had already been on the news and I was terrified. I failed the test really badly, didn't give a damn, just rushed home to sit in front of the news and cry.

When its your bedtime?

Depends whats on tv, 10 pm if nothing good starts at 10pm!

Favourite tv show?

lost but we dont get sky one any more through our cable company so someone I know downloads it of the web and puts it on dvd for me!

What am I listening to?

Dumpling chatting and singing to himself as he plays, so sweet.

Do I have any tattoos?

No, but I once had my nose pierced, hurt to much, in fact thinking about it now is making my nose hurt. I had my belly button pierced too, just before I fell pregnant with dumpling! That didnt last long!


seven rabbits, flipflop, tinky, sadie, fuzzle, peaches, layla, phoebe, one guinea pig, sammy and a chinchilla called crystal but for some reason all the little kids call her Bob, I dont know why...?


Younger sister by 5 years, married with one child, we dont get on, I dont know where she lives or her phone number, dont say its sad, some people are not meant to be close. Younger sister by 18 years and younger brother by 17 years, live close by, very close to them.


Jemima was one when I worked in a restaurant with two jennys, jennybones was another from childhood, none that really stick.

Wow, I'm tired from that, that was a long one! if you feel in need of a tag, help your self! x

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Maria said...

I love your british word usage. I had never heard of one "falling" into pregnancy before you. :)

And, I don't necessarily think it is sad that you aren't close to your one sister...I think it is intriguing though, if you ever care to blog on it...


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